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Our valued clients include the Ministry of the Attorney General and other government institutions of Canada; Royal Bank of Canada; as well as multiple law firms in Canada and in the USA. Below are two letters of reference from a couple of our clients. More letters of reference available upon request.

White Law Professional Corporation Barristers & Solicitors, Ontario

"I am a lawyer practicing in Orangeville, Ontario in the areas of real estate, business law, and wills and estates.

My office recently acted for an estate with a “lost beneficiary”. My office, and the estate, was fortunate to benefit from the services of VS Probate in locating a named beneficiary living in Eastern Europe, who had lost contact with her family living in Canada. VS Probate was able to quickly and cost-effectively locate and identify the named beneficiary by searching public data bases and obtaining public records. After speaking with the lost beneficiary, VS Probate was able to obtain sworn statements, notarial copies of identification, and translated documents, as necessary. At the end of the process, the executor of the estate and my office had confidence to transfer the beneficiary’s inheritance to her and that the release obtained by the estate was reliable.

VS Probate provided a thoroughly professional service."

Carmichael Clark, P.S., Attorneys at Law, Bellingham

"I have been practicing law since 2004 and limit my work to Wills, Trusts and Estates. I work in a 10 attorney firm and help clients with estates that range in value from a few $100,000 to $50MM.

One U.S. estate I was working on involved twelve heirs who spanned several generations and were located across Canada.

Vera located the heirs and prepared a detailed and thorough declaration of due diligence documenting the heirs connection to the estate and contact information. The estate relied on this document to provide notices to the heirs and to confirm to whom distributions should be made. A misstep on one of these steps could have resulted in considerable liability for the estate administrator. The estate would have been very difficult to complete without Vera's help.

I spoke with Vera several times during the estate administration. I found Vera to be professional, capable and efficient. I appreciated that her work fit the budget on this smaller estate. However, I would be grateful to work with her on much larger estates."

Our fees

Email us at probate_assistance@shaw.ca for a no obligations quote.

In a number of instances, when we conclude our research within less than the hours requested, only the actual time utilized will be billed. This is what one of our clients said:

Westcoast Wills & Estates, North Vancouver

"Our office retained VS Probate & Overseas Research Inc. to identify and locate various unascertained next-of-kin of a deceased person for probate purposes.

Vera's research was thorough, comprehensive and efficient. She successfully tracked down the individuals we sought and provided us with current contact information for each of them, as well as provided a family tree diagram and written report (with supporting evidence) for our client's probate application.

In addition, the cost for Vera's research services ended up being less than the amount she originally quoted, as she was able to complete the research in less time than expected.

I was very pleased and impressed with Vera's research, and would not hesitate to recommend her or her firm. Her assistance was invaluable for this particular case, and I will be using her services again when the situation requires."


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