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We have researched over a thousand cases of missing heirs.

Some of them have been as intriguing as a John Grisham novel. Some of them happen in one country, while others have roots in many. Below are some examples of cases we have cracked.

California, USA

After Howard attempted to commit suicide, Patricia, an intern medical student, helped him recover. They fell in love, or so Howard thought. When Patricia realized she was sending mixed signals to the patient, she concluded her internship and never saw the poor soul again.

Thirty years later, Howard died and Patricia, now a doctor and happily married, was named a beneficiary of his modest estate. His Will only provided her first and maiden name. Our company located Patricia within five days. She was shocked and speechless; and, yes, she cried.

Ontario, Canada and Arizona, USA

Johnny always lived like a hermit; never married; never had kids. He had one sister somewhere in the USA, whose name was unknown. When Johnny died without a Will, his sister became the heir of his estate. But who was she? Where did she live?

We knew that Johnny had a cat he loved. We managed to track down the vet clinic that had taken care of the cat and explained the situation to the manager. They had contact information for a friend of Johnny's. We called his friend and he provided all the information we needed to locate his sister. Thanks, kitty!

Russia, Germany, England, USA, and Canada

Michael was born to a Jewish family in 1927 Russia. His father was killed there when the decedent was a young boy. His mother, Anna, met a German engineer who worked on a contract in Russia in 1935. They fell in love when Stalin was in power and it wasn't safe to marry foreigners.

Mother and the son managed to leave Russia, and Anna married the German engineer. As soon as they had started a new life in Germany, Hitler came to power and the family-now with a newborn daughter-had to flee Germany, as Anna was Jewish.

They ended up in England and became quite wealthy. When Anna died in labour with her third child (the child died, too), her son Michael moved to Canada. Neither his stepfather nor his sister ever heard from him again. He later died in Canada very lonely, never married and with no children or friends.

When we found information about his sister, we searched for her in Germany and the UK, but eventually found her living on the West Coast of the USA. We found her on her birthday and told her about her half brother. The elderly lady was shocked and told us she had looked for Michael her entire life, with no success. When she learned the name of the Canadian city-also on the West Coast-where her half brother had lived, she started to cry: she had visited the city several times, while Michael was still alive.


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